Advantages and Characteristics


Advantages and Characteristics

Department of Education awarded the 2013 to 2014 of Teaching Excellence Project.

As long as our schools, you can also go to the other four universities selected course studies. (Taiwan Nanhua University、Taiwan Fo Guang University、 University of the  West in USA、Southern University in Australia)

As long as Nanhua University Students,all have the opportunity to go abroad to study or study tour.

Our teachers group, 90 percent of them are PhD, assistant professor and holds more than 98% . Is the first private university in Taiwan all.

Five university evaluation projects unanimously passed.(Self-positioning/Governance and Management/Teaching and Learning Resources/Effectiveness and social responsibility
/Continuous improvement and quality assurance mechanisms)

Honored to get the Ministry of Education civic literacy construction plan.(Only 14 universities in Taiwan award)

Eight consecutive years are honored to receive the National Science Council Research Project sociology college students
.Leading Taiwan University, Tsinghua University and the other 10.

Honored to get Changhua, Yunlin and Chiayi area, college student organizations of Champions group prizes.

Honored to get the Ministry of Education of the university campus environment excellence award competitions.

With green energy of forest university , Campus area of ​​nearly 63 hectares.
Indeed executed moral education ,Miyoshi promoting sport in schools.(Positive thing to do/Positive words to say/Positive attitude)

Future Advantage

Increase the establishment of Minor programs / Double majors /
Interdisciplinary Program / Across different school classes / Cultivate diverse expertise.

We offer excellent generous grants to help students feel at ease  reading.

We offer 3+1 & 2+2 Double degree. Each student has the opportunity to study abroad. Study abroad or travel to meet your dream school.

We have 24 Institute of Masters, so you have more opportunities to further studies.

We encourage and provide students with internship opportunities.We set the rate of student internships to 60%.

In the future,we will build a new academic building an international conferenc、student 
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