Academic units introduced


Academic units introduced

College of Managent                            

The Department of Accounting & Information Science 
Department of Nonprofit Organnization Mangement
Department of Finance & Graduate Institute of Financial Management
Department of Leisure Management and Economics

Department of Business Administrater
Department of Culture and Creative Enterprise Management
Department of Tourism Management
Master Program of Leisure Environment Management
Institute of Tourism Management

College of Humanities

Department of Philosophy and Life Education
Department Life and Death

Department of Literature

Department of Early Chilhood Education
Graduate Institute of Religious Studies
Department of Foreign Language and Literatures

College of Social Science

Institute of Europen Studues
Department of Applied Sociology & Institute of Socilogy
Department of International and China Studies
The M.A. Programe of Asia-Pacific Studies
The M.A. Programe of Public Policy Stidies
Department of Commication

College of Science and Technology

Department of Information Management
Department of Electronic Commerce Management
Department of Computer Science and Information Engieneering
Graduate Institute of Natural Healing Science
College of Science and Technology

College of Art

Graduate of Institute and Department of Vistual and Media Art

Department of architecture and landscape Design with Madter Program in Enviromental Arts

Department of Creative Product Design
Department of Ethnomusiccology

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