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    The students attending our school, all accommodation arrangements.We have student dormitories, Wen-Hui Building , Li-Ze Building , NHU 7 villages, NHU 9 villages and NHU guild hall.In addition to separate boys and girls dormitory, the other for foreign students, overseas Chinese students, China students, Islands students, special education needs students, etc. to provide accommodation. There are two people, three people and four people, etc.-suite accommodation. Individually separate bathroom, desk, bed, wardrobe, bookcase, air conditioning, curtains and other equipment. Spacious, comfortable , bright lighting and each room are equipped with outlets.There are television saloon for students to chat and party.
      On the management side, the use of computer swipe sensor system, access to each floor dormitory doors and walkways, and a 24-hour photographic apparatus to protect students' stay safe.
Contact Phone: 886-5-2721001 Ext: 1221

NHU Dormitory Network Management System

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